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Special People's Daily commentary on Anchorage talks

There’s a piece under the byline 梅齐楚, Mei Qichu, in the People's Daily on March 28, 2021. The person is referred to as an observer of international affairs. The author talks about the Anchorage dialogue, saying that the following points about this conversation were noteworthy:

  • “The US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor jointly conducted a "2+2" dialogue with the main persons in charge of foreign affairs on the Chinese side. This is unprecedented for both China and the United States and in the history of Sino-US exchanges. The two sides held three dialogues on domestic policy, foreign policy, and bilateral relations, covering a wide range of bilateral, regional, and global issues, lasting nearly 9 hours. The above highlights the breadth and depth of Sino-US relations, and also reflect the importance and complexity of current Sino-US relations.”

  • “Facing the malicious provocation by the US, Director Yang Jiechi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi sternly clarified China's position, made impromptu speeches, refuted the US slander, detailed the US's crimes, and hit the US side by surprise...The two rounds of confrontation were broadcast live in front of the whole world, which severely hit the arrogance of the US. The U.S. originally wanted to teach China a lesson, but unexpectedly, China turned its back on defense and showed the world a textbook-style diplomatic counterattack lesson. China’s statement has aroused enthusiastic repercussions at home, and has also aroused strong resonance in the international community, especially in countries that have been bullied by the United States for a long time.”

  • “It is hoped that the United States will truly realize China's determination and will, change its course, rather than intensify it, and go further and further down the wrong path. China will continue to listen to what it says and watch what it does.”

  • “Judging from the briefings and related press releases after the meeting, although both sides acknowledged that the two countries have major differences, they also mentioned the need for cooperation...The Sino-US interaction in the new era will never go back to the unhealthy pattern of the US unilaterally leading the way, cooperating if it wants to cooperate, and stopping if it wants to stop. China will not engage in dialogue for the sake of dialogue, nor will it accept dialogue that presupposes the resolution of US unilateral concerns. The dialogue must not be a unilateral draw by the US, but a balanced resolution of the concerns of both sides. These are all powerful messages that China has conveyed to the US through this dialogue.”

Read the full People's Daily Tracker blog here.

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